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Sharin Skank


German Reggae-Dub selector, based in La Floresta – Barcelona. She has been part of different musical groups and now alone her selection focuses on ReggaeDigital and Dub-Steppa styles. She has shared the stage with several relevant artists such as Bigga Ranx, Dub Engine, Mahom, Tetra Hydro K, Chalart 58, Roots Raid, High Tone … and has also performed at several festivals known as No Logo Festival, Bioritme, Zion Yard Reggae Festival, Spannabis , etc. Her session is usually very energetic, rough and lively.

DJ Rambla

Dj Rambla, popular DJ of the Catalan scene with many performance all over the country, resident of well-known venue Mama Mandawa and member of Suruma Sound System.

Dj Rambla has been able to make a spot for himself in the cannabis scene for having a strain with his name. In his record bag he has a great variety of exclusive tracks from important reggae artists (General Levy, Skarra Mucci, Morodo among others) naming Dj Rambla and his beloved plant.

He has also won a Cannabis Cup and usually performs at tradeshows, competitions and Cannabis Clubs.

His sets are always active and fun and he focuses on reggae but showing little hints of Rap, Jungle, Balkan or Electro-Swing among other styles.

Full Spectrum Selectors

Costa Brava natives and co-founders of the former COSTA BRAVA REGGAE FEST, @gerardkota and @ daddypanda.r are two lovers of tropical rhythms and black music who for years had in mind to gather their particular musical collections and make a project in common … Finally they have done it, presenting in community @fullspectrumselectors. 

Sessions mainly in vinyl, although they do not rule out other formats, where you can enjoy a musical trip that can travel places like Jamaica, Brazil, Cuba … Making a stop to the continent of Africa or through the United States or Barcelona and the Mediterranean. 

There you will find a lot of musical genres, from Reggae, Dancehall and Hip hop traveling through Jazz, Soul and Funk to end in more Tropical rhythms such as Bossanova and Brazilian music, Afrobeats, Salsa, Boogaloo … Up to electronic music and contemporary. Its area of ​​action are the most select clubs and cannabis events in Barcelona and its surroundings, bringing the best vibes to places like Dr. Dou, Temple Organic, San Luis Garden, Concrete Jungle Carnival … or a session recorded live by The Purple Room Radio that you can find on VIMEO. A colorful DJ set where the quality of the musical selection is its greatest exponent.


Karlixx is one of the most recognized dj’s / producers within the Spanish junglist scene. It became known in 2004, when the first vinyls of reggae and drum & bass fell into his hands. He began to create an innovative style of Dj, based on the combination of dubwise and neurofunk sounds. He has been a resident for two years in The Bus sessions in Razzmatazz and is currently working as a weekly resident in the legendary Canibal Sound System sessions in the Apollo Hall of Barcelona, his hometown. Their sets are a joy for the ears from the first to the last minute, always loaded with the most danceable rhythms and the most positive messages. Undoubtedly, Karlixx is one of the numbah one deejays in this drum’n’bass and jungle nationwide. Little more we will say of this junglist that has played with the best and in the most important clubs and festivals of the peninsula.


Suka declares herself an unconditional lover of all music in general. Since childhood she had shown great interest in this art, but it was not until the mid-90s that sounds like Electro, House or Techno aroused special interest on her. In early 2000, a friend gave her a turntable and her curiosity about electronics grew until Drum and Bass appeared in her life and stole her heart.

Member of Breakstorm Crew since 2006 and of the Seroto9 Addict collective since 2008, Suka has not been able to settle for a single musical genre and currently offers a wide range of fresh and dynamic sessions that can cover from the Drum and Bass and Breakbeat more elegant even the Ghetto Funk and the Glitch Hop more fun.

Definitely an earthquake to the plates ready to leave the skin in each session to offer the public the best of herself.

Warriors of Dub

Warriors of Dub Sound System was born in 2013 being the first project dedicated to the original Sound System style in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which was self-constructed 100% handmade.

Their sessions range from Roots, Digital or Dub to Steppas. Throughout these years they have participated in major international festivals such as Dub Camp (France), International Dub Gathering (Spain), Tawai Dub Festival (Brazil) among others.

Since 2017 the group is established in Girona (Spain) where they work on their new sound system, being the first Sound System in the world to have two sound systems in two different continents.

Good Over Evil

Good Over Evil presents special Spannabis showcase, with Sista Livity & Pato Ranking pon di microphone.

Born between Tortosa and Barcelona (Spain) with a conscious Rastafarian message and a compact sound, own and forceful, Good Over Evil are reggae & dub producers. GOE have produced songs for Carlton Livingston, Alerta Kamarada, Leah Rosier, Hermano Ele, Pato Ranking, Anayah Roots Levi, Sista Livity, Sista Moni, Raszor Brankata, Robel, Ras Elijah… This 2021 Good Over Evil have released Sound System Selection, their first 12 inch vinyl. Includes songs with Sista Livity, Pato Ranking, Raszor Brankata, Sista Moni, Anayah Roots Levi & Ras Cup. In few months GOE will release BIG Ganja Tunes vol. 3, with singers from diferent countries. Stay tunned! Strictly Roots & Culture. Word, Sound & Power. Jah Music to the People. More info at:

Laia Selectora outta Purple Rockets

Laia was interested in radio and her chores since she was seventeen, when she started a radio program in her hometown. There she discovered all kinds of musical genres and the one that captivated her was the one that came to her  from the remote Caribbean island of Jamaica.

She began her adventure as a selector at the end of 2009 forming Amazon Sound Sisters and in 2010 she continued solo. That same year, she joined the Sound System FM radio program.

Chalart58 & Matah

Chalart58 is a Dub musical project that works on sound and productions at La Panchita Estudio, performing them live with a 16-channel console and different effects to mix them. In the show he is accompanied by Matah on the microphone, singing and improvising on the productions.

Matah, former lead singer of La Kinky Beat, who returns to the game.

After a decade sharing projects internationally, and several years of professional and individual research, Chalart58 and Matah meet again in 2017 almost intuitively, to confront their developed and more sophisticated vision of their own work.

They two are members of the Women Soldier project, which also includes Belén Natalí, High Paw and Awa Fall.

Matah and Chalart58 are already working together on a new Matah LP for this spring, from which the first single will be launched very soon.

At the end of 2020 they released their latest single “International” released on digital and vinyl 7 ” (La Panchita Records 2020)

Chalart58 for his part has not stopped editing songs, since 9 collaborations with Manu Chao, 3 with Adala, 2 with Harny Roots, 2 with Ranking Youth, 3 with Davojah, he has also released songs with David Buzz, Awa Fall, High Paw, Yeto Perez, Brother Wildman and many more !!

All the projects with La Pachita Records, a label of which Chalart58 is a member.

Chalart58 is also a member of the “La Pakita” project together with Manu Chao, Mr Wilson, Pupah Congo and Josep Blanes, with whom they have toured Latin America in 2019.

They have performed at International Dub Gathering, Dub Academy Rototom Sunsplash, Al Rumbo, Nowa Reggae, Viñadub, LaGata Reggae, La Concha Reggae Vibes, Txapel Reggae, Say It Loud, Ganja Time, Spannabis, Poble Nou Goes Reggae, among many others.


Since 2007 promoting Jamaican music and culture. On different trips to Jamaica they nurtured their vinyl collection, which has not stopped growing.

Since 2010, together with Dance Crasher Sound, they organize the monthly session called “Bdn Reggae Culture” at the Los Trecers Cultural Association.

Members of the Barcelona record label La Panchita Records founded in 2015. And with Chalart58 they make the podcast “La Panchita Radio Show” every Wednesday on all digital platforms.

Badalonians Sound has had the pleasure of performing on stages such as the Rototom Dub Academy, International Dub Gathering, Nowa Reggae, Viñarock, La Concha Reggae Vibes, Spannabis, Say It Loud, Ganja Time and up to twice in Jamaica.

Daddy Sevi outta GreenLight

Daddy Sevi outta GreenLight brings us for this on-line edition of Spannabis a totally exclusive session with unreleased songs from one of his side-out projects called Jah-Vapor, a psy-conceptual artistic movement developed together with the young talent from Alicante Ranking Youth , Moistune from Castellon and Ka.dub from Girona.

Mina’s Collective

It is a Collective of Independent Women Born Artists

Mina’s Collective has been part of the Catalan Sound System scene since 2017 and is made up of three selectors from different parts of the world: Laura from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with several years of experience as a selector and currently a member of Warriors of Dub Sound System; Paula from Catalonia, sound technician and Roots lover, and Txofi, selector from Galicia involved in the Sound System culture for the last decade.

In these years they have been on posters with Aba Shanti-I, Word Sound & Power, Biga Ranx, Chalart 58, Moa Anbessa, Festus Coxsone, Mahom, Tetra Hydro K, Jah Shaka among others and have played on teams like Greenlight Sound System, Warriors Of Dub Sound System, Rebelmadiaq, Babel SS or Dubatriation (FRANCE), accompanied by singers such as Belén Natalí, Paula Bu, Capra, Alex Bass, Sr. Wilson, Adala, Sista Livity and much more.

Spreading a message of unity, love, peace and respect through a powerful selection of dub music with styles from classic roots reggae to the latest UK Stepper.

In this Spannabis Virtual Edition, we will have a session by Laura outta Mina’s Collective & Warriors Of Dub Sound System.


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