Spannabis Virtual Conferences


The conferences will take advantage of the virtual format to bring us closer to specialists from around the world at a crucial time for the cannabis industry and its standardization.

Friday 26

12:30 – 13:30

Photography of cannabis in the Spanish State and the role of Cannabis Associations

Review of the current situation of cannabis activism in the Spanish State. It will talk about the political advances of the last year and the planning for the next one in order to regulate cannabis and provide users with a framework that offers them legal security and individual freedom to consume and cultivate.

Speakers: Patricia Amiguet, José Afuera
Moderator: Saray Fernández

14:00 – 14:30

European Union: advances in drug policy

Current affairs on drug policy in the European Union. The process of developing the new drug strategy (2021 – 2025), as well as the challenges for the cannabis community for the coming years and the cannabis regulation models that are proposed in different countries.

Speaker: Ana Afuera

15:00 – 16:30

Legislative proposals and challenges in Latin America

Activists and experts explain the new legislative proposals on cannabis in Latin American countries and the regulatory experiences on the continent, analyzing the new challenges that the civil society is facing  in this field, especially in Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay.

Speakers: Jorge Hernández Tinajero, Florencia Lemos, Sebastián Basalo
Saray Fernández

17:00 – 19:00 business

The challenge towards the comprehensive regulation of cannabis in Spain

For decades, Spanish citizens have organized in different ways to demand cannabis regulation. Today, regulation is non-negotiable and assumed by the vast majority of organizations. The challenge now consists in unite all these groups around a legislative proposal that will inspire and unify the movement in the final stretch towards a comprehensive regulation of cannabis throughout the State. During the talk, the different existing regulation proposals will be presented and the challenges to unify them will be discussed.

Speakers: Héctor Brotons, Bernardo Soriano y Gabriel Miró
Moderator: Virginia Montañés

19:30 – 20:30

Animal self-medication

Humans have learned from animals to use plants present in our ecosystems to heal us and to get high. However, there is no evidence of animal use of cannabis in the wild, except for human use. Is nature capricious?

Speaker: José Carlos Bouso

The contemporary ritual use of cannabis in Catalonia

Cannabis is a very popular psychoactive plant that is used primarily for recreational and medical purposes. However, cannabis also has a rich history of spiritual or ritual uses. Although this is more common in places like India or Jamaica, it can also be found in Europe and, more specifically, in Catalonia. In this talk, we will present the field work that we carry out in a Catalan community and we will offer a vision of the different rituals in which cannabis is used as a sacrament.

Speaker: Maja Kohek


Saturday 27

12:30 – 13:00

One year of marijuana in quarantine

Video-summary of what this confinement has given of itself. How COVID has changed our way of communicating, relating and also doing cannabis activism. A year of cups, fairs and virtual marches… of social networks and many other initiatives that took place in the cannabis field from the watchful eye of Marihuana Televisión.

Speaker: Marihuana Televisión

13:30 – 15:00 Arrested computer hacker with handcuffs

Until when? No more jailed for marijuana

The cannabis movement has been persecuted and deeply stigmatized in recent years. In a context of regulation, in which the United Nations Organization has recognized the value of the plant and its low danger and many countries have begun to regulate, we ask ourselves: how long will we continue to persecute users, growers and cannabis social clubs?

Speakers: Fernanda de la Figuera, Josetxu Alonso, José Afuera y José Miguel Quintana
Moderator: Miguel Gimeno

15:30 – 16:30 Cbd oils and topical cream

Cannabis and CBD as active ingredients in cosmetics

Commonly, cosmetics is related in a simplified way to the concept of beauty, but the applications of cannabis cosmetics go beyond that border, allowing a multitude of applications for natural health and well-being. In this space, an interview will be held with Ester Salmerón, an expert in cosmetics specialized in cannabis, where the main doubts about cannabis cosmetics, its main ingredients, applications and legal framework in Spain will be resolved.

Speaker: Ester Salmerón de Greenmotiv
Virginia Montañés

17:00 – 18:00

Medicinal cannabis: international scenario and perspectives in Spain

The objective of this space is to explain how the regulation of medicinal cannabis has evolved in the world, with a special emphasis on Europe, on the different models that exist and on how the situation in Spain may evolve.

Ponente: Salvador Garcia
Modera: Jorge Soto

18:30 – 19:30

Puff Puff Pass! – Cannabis comic

Toni Benages, the curator of the exhibition “Puff Puff Pass!” at the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Barcelona, ​​invited Emilio Bernardéz, Rosa Codina and Aroha Travé for a debate table on the cannabis comic.

Speakers: Toni Benages, Emilio Bernardéz, Rosa Codina y Aroha Travé

20:00 – 21:30

Documentary CANNABICAS

 The documentary CANNABICAS is the first collective documentary of cannabis women in the world, in which more than 200 women from 30 different countries on the 5 continents share their experiences with cannabis from their various geographies and realities. It is the meeting of the “violet tide” and the “green tide”, united by human rights.

After the screening of the film CANNÁBICAS, the editors and coordinators of the motor group will hold a colloquium in which they will explain the experience of carrying out this audiovisual project and will also have the presence and experience of some of the women participating in the documentary as special guests.

Speakers: Polita Pepper, Belén Riveros y Clara Sativa

Our Speakers

ENCOD works for fairer drug policies that respect the rights of users, providing information and education. “Our focus is triple: social, informative and regulatory”. ENCOD positions itself within the European dialogue, joining to debate tables, to promote a fair and effective drug regulation.

ConFAC is the Confederation of Cannabis Social Clubs of the Spanish State, the cannabis organization that brings together the largest number of groups that defend the personal and collective self-cultivation of cannabis in Spain. They defend a regulation model based on scientific evidence, which protects the rights of users under health criteria. ConFAC has a long history as a social movement and has positioned itself as a valid interlocutor with the public institutions. “We advocate for a change in cannabis policies in the country and we play our part through political advocacy, training and advice to groups.

Patricia Amiguet: ConFAC spokesperson, CatFAC President, cannabis activist, graduate in Administration and Finances, she changed the numbers for the cannabis fight. She advocates for a comprehensive regulation of cannabis and for a change in all current drug policies.

José Afuera: Activist for the rights of cannabis users and for a change in drug policies to make them fair and effective. Promoter of the Cannabis Social Clubs Guide and the model of cannabis associations. Founder of the MACA association, the CatFAC federation and currently the general coordinator of ConFAC.

Saray Fernández: Journalist and activist focused on cannabis and drug policy. Coordinator of the ConFAC Publishing and Press team, graduated in Journalism and Master in Digital Content Innovation. She advocates for the comprehensive regulation of cannabis and the need to inform with a critical perspective from an intersectional and human rights approach.

Ana Afuera: Political scientist and activist, has more than ten years of experience in drug policy. She is currently the Coordinator of the Political Incidence Group in ConFAC and representative of the ENCOD drug policy group.

Virginia Montañés: Journalist, social anthropologist and naturopath. For more than two decades she has worked as a researcher in the field of drug policy. He has coordinated the Study Commission for the Regulation of Cannabis in Andalucía (CERCA) and the ENCOD section in Spain, in addition to having participated in the foundation of the Responsible Regulation platform. She is currently a researcher at the ESCODE association, a member of the team at the Karissa Comprehensive Health Center and a regular contributor to several specialized magazines.

Jorge Hernández Tinajero: Mexico, 1970. Activist for the regulation of cannabis, human rights and risk and harm reduction policies from early 21st century. Founding partner of the Mexican Association for Studies on Cannabis and president and CEO, between 2008 and 2013, of the Colective for a Comprehensive Policy towards Drugs AC.

Florencia Lemos: Uruguay, 1991. Political Science and Postgraduate Student in “Drugs: Regulation and Control” of the University of the Republic. She was a member of the Proderechos Social Organization, organization that promoted the legalization of Uruguay. She participated as a researcher in Monitor Cannabis, a group dedicated to evaluation and monitoring of Law 19.172. She is a founding member of the Club Cannabis CLUC “Cultivating freedom Uruguay Grows”.

Sebastián Basalo: Argentina. Argentine journalist specialized in cannabis and drug policy. Founder and director of the magazine and multimedia THC. Organizer of Expo Cannabis Argentina. Founder of the Study Center for the Argentine Cannabis Culture.

Héctor Brotons: Director of the Brotsanbert Law Firm. Law degree from the University of Alicante. Specialist in criminal law, public health, human rights and cannabis policy. Advises and defends CSC throughout the State. Legal Advisor to various CSC Federations. Spokesperson for the European Observatory for the Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabis (OECCC). He advises companies in the cannabis sector, has obtained licenses for the cultivation and genetic research and production of medicinal cannabis from the AEMPS, in addition to developing crime prevention plans for industrial hemp and CBD growers. He writes articles, lectures, and has authored five books on law and cannabis. He has defended more than 2,000 cases related to cannabis, among them the Appeal of Amparo to the Constitutional Court of Pannagh and the European Court of Human Rights of Albert Tío and the Board of Directors of Airam.

Bernardo Soriano: CEO of S&F Abogados. Law degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, with a master’s degree in criminal law from ICAM. Provides consulting services to companies in the cannabis sector regarding the processing of licenses before the AEMPS and projects related to hemp and the CBD industry. He defends individuals and groups in everything related to public health and cannabis in particular. Cannabis regulation policy specialist. Legal consultant of the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis (OECM) and Spokesperson for Responsible Regulation, a platform that works to implement a comprehensive regulation of cannabis throughout the State, through political advocacy, participation in conferences and the publication of books, articles and materials to support such regulation.

Gabriel Miró: lawyer specialized in criminal law and associate professor at the University of Barcelona. Member of the Cannabis Policy Studies Group (GEPCA), made up of specialists in the field of cannabis and public health, who have worked for two years on the development of a regulatory model, without political or corporate interests.

Maja Kohek: Doctor in Medical Anthropology and Global Health. He is investigating the contemporary ritual use of psychoactive plants (such as cannabis and ayahuasca) in Catalonia and their personal and social effects. He is currently investigating participation in ayahuasca ceremonies and its impact on public health in the Netherlands.

José Carlos Bouso: clinical psychologist and doctor in Pharmacology. He has conducted studies on the long-term effects of substances such as cannabis, cocaine and ayahuasca, as well as studies on the effects of different drugs with natural and synthetic origin. He has also conducted studies on the therapeutic uses of MDMA (ecstasy). He is currently Director of Scientific Projects of the ICEERS Foundation where he conducts scientific studies on long-term effects of ayahuasca, medical benefits of cannabis and the anti-addictive potential of ibogaine.

Marihuana Televisión is the channel for cannabis culture. After almost twelve years of existence, and almost eight years of uninterrupted production, it is consolidated as the first marijuana channel on YouTube in the Spanish language, both in terms of the number of followers and the number of views. Marihuana Televisión has developed at an audiovisual level the information gap that the large media and institutions have left around the culture of cannabis. Always facing current affairs and trying to collect the most relevant news of the moment, it has recorded events, fairs, discussion forums or cannabis congresses; and has given a voice to activists, associations and experts or users.

Created by audiovisual professionals, activists and connoisseurs of the cannabis plant, Marihuana Televisión is constituted as a specialized medium in the different aspects and themes that revolve around cannabis. An online television without borders that is aware of the importance that cannabis media will have in the next decade and is committed to transforming society through information and education around the plant.

Fernanda de la Figuera: historical activist for the regulation of cannabis known worldwide as “La Abuela Marihuana” (The Weed Grandma). Founder of ARSECA and MxM (Mujeres por María), an association for which she was sentenced to nine months in prison and 10,000 euros for growing cannabis and distributing marijuana for therapeutic purposes. Without a doubt, a woman with character and a referent for several cannabis generations.

Josetxu Alonso: founder of ACMEFUER, one of the most experienced active associations and a reference in the Canary Islands. After ten years of existence and countless acquittals, this association faces a trial next May that could mean one of the largest convictions, known to date, of a cannabis association.

José Miguel Quintana: 44-year-old Colombian, medicinal patient of ancestral plants, including cannabis. Generator of consciousness in order to naturalize the sacred plant. In 2019, he decides to travel by motorcycle to Uruguay to interview Pepe Mujica. Rolling through Ecuadorian lands, at a police checkpoint, he is deprived of his liberty for carrying a pound of marijuana for his personal consumption, for which he had to pay thirteen months in prison. Now released, he dedicates himself to sharing the experience and helping those in prison for marijuana.

Miguel Gimeno: cannabis communicator and popularizer. Collaborator of Marihuana Televisión. For two years he was head of studies of the cannabicultural training courses carried out by Ceagrocannabis, training a multitude of professionals in the sector.

Ester Salmerón de Greenmotiv: company that offers the best solution for the commercialization of natural products derived from cannabis and CBD in the Spanish market. With 24-48 hour distribution service and personalized advice according to the point of sale or business approach. An indispensable partner for the expansion of this booming new category of health products, with a high demand in the market.

Salvador Garcia: advisor in strategy, finance and communication and investor. He has been CEO of Aurora Medicine Spain, and his experience includes being CEO of the newspaper ARA, consulting at McKinsey and investment banking at Goldman Sachs. Economist from the Pompeu Fabra University, where he is currently a member of the Social Council, and an MBA from New York University.

Jorge Soto: CEO of Ananda Lab and regular contributor to specialized publications. Since his first seed germinated, back in the late 90s, he has dedicated most of his time to the study of cannabis and its derivatives, and has become a key piece in the evolution of cannabis analysis in our country.

What will you find at the conferences?

Internationally renowned experts will talk to us about the culture, legality, cultivation and therapeutic applications of cannabis.


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